How is Artificial Intelligence benefitting the world?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most hotly debated topics of our time. On the one hand, some people are convinced that it will lead to robots taking over humans. On the other hand, others believe that AI offers immense opportunities for progress and prosperity.

Nowadays, AI has penetrated into various fields and is the most sought-after career option that grew at a very fast pace in recent years. According to Northeastern University, AI industry became advanced due to the vast amount of data that was collected in the past decade. A little over a decade ago in 2011, Google integrated AI in its algorithm (known as Panda) which proved itself to be way more accurate than any other existing algorithms. Google also made use of AI in the transformation of Google Translate which is now regarded as one of the most efficient tools ever produced by this tech giant.

Ever since then the usage of AI kept on increasing. AI is now being used in smart home appliances to turn off appliances and make them work according to user’s preferences. Amazon’s Alexa is being used to order household products online using voice commands etc.  

From improving our health to making our lives easier, AI is having a positive impact on all aspects of society. AI is being successfully used in various fields such as law enforcement, marketing, education, etc. to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of decision-making. This article discusses how AI is changing our lives for the better.

What exactly is AI and how does it work

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to learn and think like humans. In simple words, AI is explained as training machines how to do chores similar to how you train a child.

AI is used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • Finding anomalies in data
  • Natural language processing


Basically, AI works on two important concepts: machine learning and artificial neural networks.

Machine learning is the process by which computers can learn from data. They do this by analyzing large amounts of data and looking for patterns. Once they have found these patterns, they can use them to make predictions or decisions.

Artificial neural networks are a type of AI that mimic the workings of the human brain. They consist of several layers which pass information from one to the next. Each layer is a little smarter than the last, and it uses a particular type of mathematical function called an “activation function” to make its decision.

The benefits of AI

According to a PWC report, AI can help increase the global GDP by 14% or higher by 2030 which is equal to adding an amount of $15.7 trillion. From this amount, $6.6 trillion will come from an increase in productivity of the people, so it is considered as the biggest commercial opportunity in the contemporary world. Artificial intelligence is not only increasing productivity but also making our lives better by taking over menial tasks and allowing humans to focus on problem-solving and making decisions that require a high level of intellect.

There are many benefits to using artificial intelligence in our lives. Some of these include:

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace
  2. Improved safety for drivers and passengers in automobiles
  3. More accurate medical diagnosis and treatment
  4. Enhanced educational opportunities for students
  5. Greater convenience and efficiency for consumers
  6. Making lives easier and more comfortable.


How is AI used in law enforcement?

The field of law enforcement is also seeing great advancements in the field of AI. Artificially intelligent robots are now being used to carry the belongings of soldiers. The robots use AI to avoid any obstacles that come on the way with the help of LIDAR. The AI robots also use the leader follower concept to coordinate with other robots. The soldier wears an RFID tag that sends over signals to the robot, assisting it to map the precise location of the soldier. The robots help to reduce the payload that soldiers have to carry, thus preventing their chronic back-pain and improving their agility.

                                                     what is the difference between robots and artificial intelligence


AI is also being used to predict when certain crimes are most likely to happen within a given community, allowing police departments to deploy their forces more effectively. Some police departments in the US are using AI to recognize the precise location of a gunshot and provide intelligence as to where it was heard. This situational learning allows detecting the exact location of the gunshot and allows police officers to be deployed in an effective manner accordingly. 

AI can also be used to minimize casualties in war zones and other dangerous areas by alerting soldiers to the incoming dangers and may even prove instrumental in preventing wars altogether.

Additionally, AI is also being used for facial recognition by taking CCTV camera footages, scanning the faces and comparing them from a database, thus helping improve security. Moreover, AI is also being used for internet security and cyber-crime detection by making use of supervised learning to detect threats from fraudsters. This particular algorithm can utilize trends from previous cyber events to predict potential cyber crimes that are likely to occur.

How is AI being used in marketing?

In the field of marketing, AI is making it easier for businesses and corporations to analyze customer behavior patterns, predict future trends or preferences based on past data and to provide more focused ads according to user’s interests.

Advertising and marketing firms could also provide location-specific offers and deals to customers which will help them attract more customers. By implementing AI in marketing and advertising firms would be able to provide targeted ads according to user’s preferences which will make them more effective and efficient.

Artificial Intelligence is also being used to automatically find insights in data, empowering companies to make decisions that are data-informed and therefore well-judged by making use of unsupervised machine learning. The data can be user behavior, ad clicks, impressions and even time spent at a particular website – all metrics that can be helpful in creating marketing strategies.

How is AI used in healthcare?

AI has already had a profound effect on healthcare. In fact, some experts believe that AI will be the biggest advancement in medicine since the discovery of antibiotics. For example, AI is already being used in hospitals to assist doctors diagnosing diseases. It also helps in identifying tumors, assessing x-rays and MRIs.

Artificial Intelligence is allowing doctors to diagnose deadly diseases like cancer at an early stage by analyzing x-rays and by taking into account thousands of data points which no human brain would be able to process quickly enough. Another application of AI in the medical field is its use in drug discovery & development. Using machine learning techniques, scientists are able to predict which compounds will be the most effective if used in a particular drug.

In addition, AI will be integral in future advancements such as personalized medicine or genetic engineering. By collecting data from millions of patients, doctors will be able to understand how various factors (such as genetics, lifestyle, diet, etc.) affect human health. By using this information, they can create tailored treatments for each individual.

How is AI being used in education?

Another important application of AI is in the field of education. AI is helping improve children’s learning capabilities which will enable them to grasp concepts faster and more easily than ever before. The use of deep learning is can be used to explain complex concepts in simple terms to students in the same way human beings are able to do. For instance: AI could use data to help prepare students for examinations by showing them the patterns of the most common wrong answers, thus helping them to avoid such mistakes. 

In the field of education, AI is allowing teachers to create personalized learning. More importantly, AI can help teachers in creating content. Teachers can take the help of AI to create fictional stories that can be exciting for students and can allow teachers to focus more on tasks such as interesting story-telling and making the class interactive.

It is true that teachers often face difficulty in managing their time effectively between teaching and grading papers and they end up having very little time to go through detailed book chapters that they need to explain. In such situations, they can make use of summary-writing that can allow them to understand the key points in a long article to help them in better explaining to the students and also save time for their other meaningful activities.

Additionally, teachers can write essay briefs with the help of AI writing software. Artificial intelligence can actually make grasping key concepts and learning more effective and engaging. 

How AI is changing lives

As we continue to adopt artificial intelligence into our lives, it is changing the way we live in many ways. Here are some examples:

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace

With AI automating tasks and processes, employees are able to be more productive and efficient. For example, a customer service representative can now use an automated chatbot to help customers instead of having to handle all the inquiries themselves. This also frees up their time so they can focus on other tasks that need attention.

  • Improved Safety for Drivers and Passengers

With self-driving cars becoming more common, the number of accidents and fatalities caused by human error should decrease. AI can help make cars smarter and more aware of their surroundings with the ability to recognize hazards and avoid them. With AI analyzing data, we can make better decisions when driving and increase safety on the road.

  • Enhanced Healthcare

As our population ages and health care positions become difficult to fill, artificial intelligence is stepping in to help with tasks such as helping physicians diagnose patients or creating models that predict disease outbreaks. AI can also help with personalized medicine by analyzing patients’ genetic data to tailor cures that are specific to them.

  • Enhancement in Logistics

With more intelligent products, new industries are created to take advantage of these features and keep up with the demand for them. For example, Amazon has created jobs for people who build and program intelligent machines and vehicles for them to use in their warehouses. Amazon makes use of artificially intelligent robots to carry racks to a person. Amazon warehouses use a “goods-to-person” analogy. Instead of humans going to racks to pick up things needed to fulfill the order, AI robots bring the racks to them and the robots never crash into one another or to any person or object that comes in their way. How cool!

  • Better Comfort Level

With an abundance of customer service requests, companies are looking towards artificial intelligence to handle these tasks for them. Companies such as Apple, BMW and even Comcast have added Siri, BMW’s Concierge or Xfinity’s Digital Assistant into their products to provide customer service at the touch of a button.

Without AI in our lives, we would not be able to accomplish what we can do today. It is even possible that there wouldn’t be as many opportunities available to us if it were not for this technology. Artificial intelligence continues to change our world and make it better!

Artificial intelligence in Pakistan and it’s scope

The scope of artificial intelligence is also increasing at a fast pace in Pakistan. AI is a whole world on its own. Startups have started working in this field and the government is promoting new programs to encourage the youth to take part in this field. One such program that trains students in the field of AI in Pakistan is known as President Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing (PIAIC). The mission of PIAIC is to accelerate artificial intelligence in Pakistan and to allow the country to become a global hub in fields such as edge computing, data science, blockchain, augmented reality, internet of things and cloud native computing. Students need to understand that since AI in Pakistan is gradually picking up pace and so demand for machine learning jobs will increase in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary technology that has already made our lives better in so many ways. From self-driving cars and intelligent assistants, to smarter homes and improved customer service, AI continues to change the world for the better. With just how much we can accomplish with this new tool at hand, it’s no wonder why more companies are adopting artificial intelligence into their business models every day. Since AI scope in Pakistan is immense, now is the right time to invest their efforts on learning this valuable skill. There is a need that AI in Pakistan also steps up as it has the potential to make our existing lives better in so many ways!

The future of AI

In the near future, we might see AI completely revolutionizing and reshaping various industries and sectors.

No industry would be able to remain unaffected by this technology which is going to become a part of every sphere of life, from personal assistants that will sync data between our homes and offices, to service-oriented robots that may replace humans in various fields such as customer support, education etc.

The future of AI is looking very bright. With more and more people adopting it into their lives, the possibilities for what it can do are endless. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Smarter Cars – With the ability to process huge amounts of data, AI will make cars smarter and safer. They will be able to avoid accidents, traffic jams and even find parking spaces.
  2. Improved Learning – AI is already being used in some schools to help students learn and prepare for tests. It can also be used to improve education globally through the use of AI assistants that provide tutoring on demand.
  3. New Industries and Career Opportunities – There will likely be more new jobs created as a result of more companies adopting AI into their business model. Some examples include:
    • Machine learning engineers and data scientists
    • Jobs for people who design and program new AI systems and applications
    • Careers related to the maintenance and management of AI systems
  1. Transcription Software – Artificial Intelligence is also being used in text-to-speech transcription software and in voice-overs. The software uses artificial intelligence for enumeration and neuro-linguistic abilities to imitate human beings. With the growth of such requirements in the future it is likely that such AI-enabled transcription will become more mainstream.
  2. Recruiting Talent – AI tools are also being used for recruitment platforms that makes the hiring process easier. The software helps in hunting the best talent for entire recruitment cycles by finding the best match for particular job requirements.
  3. Improving Security – AI is also being used indirectly to enhance the security of social media accounts, email or other personal information by replacing the password authentication system with an iris or fingerprint scanner. There will surely be more developments in the AI field that enhance cyber security.

With the aforementioned examples, it’s easy to see how we can benefit from this new technology. There are even more possibilities that haven’t been thought of yet, but with the rate that AI is advancing, it won’t be long until we find them. We are only limited by our imagination!


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